RAism Yoga?

RAism Yoga, developed by Shu Amun RA or TROOTH is the culmination of various yoga postures practiced in Ancient Egypt, originally called Kemet in North East Africa. This integral system creates the process of self-realization and yogic enlightenment by using deep strategic breathing in progressive alignment with meditative techniques. Each posture is a variant or direct replication of the hieroglyphs existing for thousands of years on the walls of the pyramids of Ancient Egypt or Kemet. The presence of this RAism Yoga series was espoused By Oluwatito “Shu Amun Ra” Balewa or Trooth in the direct alignment with researched Kemetic Yoga teachings of Guru Baba Khepra Ka Ra Kamau (Dr. Dana Dennard) and Master Yirser Ra Hotep (Elvrid Lawrence) in the early 70s to present day.
RAism Yoga, in direct correlation with the Kemetic Yoga lineage, is defined by the healing series of physical movements and development of bodily alignment. The spinal, skeletal, and muscular system develops proper adjusting in the RAism series. In turn, allowing the yogic practice of the poses to provide proper balance towards stimulating the Parasympathetic Nervous System, simultaneously lowering the dis-ease of the Sympathetic Nervous System.
There is universal consciousness that is beyond the scope of the normal realm of consciousness, or individual reality of people. Hence, the practice of RAism yoga is a personality integration method that allows human beings to bind their individual transitory reality with the universal consciousness. When the RAism Yoga journey is accomplished one is able to experience universal consciousness.
“Yoga, Life is simply meditation in motion”
– Shu Amun RA