RAism Community/Promotional Kemetic Yoga Class

This RAism class is a combination of Ancient Egyptian Yoga, also known as Kemetic Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kripalu Yoga in addition to several other styles of yoga. This class will provide basic level to intermediate poses. The community class is generated as a way to introduce an ancient flow of breath and geometric progression for those interested in furthering their development and health. In turn, enabling participants to embrace the joy and peace that resides within. For more information, review the below information.


& Remember….”Yoga, Life is simply meditation in motion”. HOTEP & RA light


– Shu Amun RA

Kemetic Yoga History, Philosophy, & the Yoga Skills Method

(YogaSkills Method as presented by Master Yirser Ra Hotep)


As the dynamic journey of Kemetic yoga reveals ancient healing powers, the core of this progressive practice is found in the essence of SHU. SHU in Ancient Egypt or Kemet represents the concept of breath. In various researches one can find an image

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carved on the back of a wooden chair in the Tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen of a man named SHU. SHU not only represents the concept of the breath we breathe and which gives life to our physical bodies, but also the atmosphere that surrounds the Earth and one of the four elements of creation, ie. earth, fire, water.

How does this relate to the YOGASKILLS METHOD?

In accordance with the YOGASKILLS METHOD when one learns to control his or her breath, he or she is able to perform the movements and postures that assist in developing a number of different skills. A few of the skills

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that become more developed are self control, patience, concentration, intuition, self reliance, faith, insight, stress management, wellness. Furthermore, the yoga skills method involves movements and postures that flow. Importantly the YogaSkills Method incorporates the Ancient Egyptian or Kemetic system of geometric progression. Thus, allowing the body to flow from one pose into the next.

In each posture the use of the breath to flow serves as a direct extension of concentration in order to remove one’s perception of the body as a physical entity, but instead experience it as energy. Included in the controlled breathing, sitting as the foundation of the YOGA SKILLS METHOD, is the “four part harmony”. The “four part harmony” includes the inhalation of breath to complete capacity, pausing for a moment as the oxygen and life

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force fills the body with spirit or energy. Then the pause

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is followed by the release of cleansed energy out of the body followed also by a pause to frame the energy of total release and relaxation.

The YogaSkills Method, as developed from ancient Kemetic Philosophy by Master Instructor Yirser Ra Hotep in the 70s, was developed to “de-mystify the science of yoga and make it understandable and available to people who are least likely to engage in it but need it the most”.


When it comes down to the roots and origins of Kemetic Yoga, there are countless findings throughout the continent that provide empirical evidence that this practice was embraced by Kamites for physical, mental, and spiritual development. Just to set the record completely and entirely straight. KEMETIC YOGA is AFRICAN YOGA.

KEMETIC YOGA history and philosophy emerges as a rediscovered attempt to define yoga in such a way that people of African descent from all over the world could relate to it. The key element that Kemetic Yoga provides in its historical vantage points is that its system acknowledges the African/Kemetic/Kushite origins of yoga and truly has sought to make the link and or connection between Ancient Egypt, the Indus/Kush civilization prior to the Aryan invasion and traditional African traditions knowledge and spirituality such as Yoruba culture.

Interestingly enough, the word Hatha, which is the basic type of Yoga, has a Kemetic relationship. Ha= Sun, and Tha=Moon. And Just like Kemetic Yoga, the purpose is to bring balance between the two opposite forces, or higher and lower selves. The ancient Kamites, perceived that part of their purpose in life was to become “One with the Creator”. In turn, nourished body, energized mind and calm spirit are able to adopt and “flow” with change. When investigated closely, the philosophy of Kemetic Yoga would entail that “Kemetic Yoga is a healing and regenerative Yoga system that is characterized by a series of geometrically progressive postures that creates alignment of the spinal column and corrects defects in the skeletal muscular system in order to relieve stress, increase blood circulation, nutrient and oxygen supply vital body systems, and to allow internal life force energy and cerebral spinal fluid to flow more efficiently and abundantly throughout the entire body”. In essence, all these Kemetic Yoga practices together historically have resulted in placing the practitioner in

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a state of complete transcendence of all of the forces that lead to disease, negative behaviors and addictions.


The Egyptian caduceus symbolizes the three main nadis, -Ida, Pingala, and Shushuma. It also symbolizes three aspects of the nervous system-the central nervous system, and two antagonistic divisions of the autonomic nervous system; the sympathetic division system which relates to Pingala nadi, and the parasympathetic division, which relates to Ida nadi.

The importance of these distinct divisions directly correlate to the Indus-Kush system of Yoga where the serpent or a curled sleeping cobra is used to represent the Vital Force that rests dormant at the Muladara Chakra, located at the base of the spine. This serpent or Kundaline energy is called Shakti. In reflecting on the double headed serpent, once is also related to the AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM, and the way that the body is set up to deal with emergencies and to heal itself. The word Autonomic, in itself relates to the fact that the body has the ability to automatically regulate itself. The body instantly responds to stress and threats to its safety by activating the sympathetic aspect of the central nervous system or it can bring about the condition whereby the body can heal itself by bringing about the opposite effect through activation parasympathetic aspect of the central nervous system. According to the Kemetic concept of the Unity of Opposites, these two forces need to be in balance and to harmonize in order to optimize health.

There are various physiological responses that the body undergoes when the SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM is activated. This response is known as “fight or flight”. Some of the variant responses of SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS STYSTEM are a slowing of digestion, breathing rate increases, perspiration increases, the muscles tense, blood clotting chemicals are released, and sugars and fats flood into the blood stream. Ironically all of these responses are needed to deal with emergency situations, but the body also responds to non-emergency stressful situations the same way.

Some of the other diseases of the “fight or flight” are hypertension, ulcers of the stomach lining, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. On the other side of the spectrum the PARASYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM stabilizes and even reverses all the diseases caused by the SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM. When you consciously apply breath control, you are able to access functions of the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM that are normally outside the reach or control of the mind. These stable functions are a healthy heartbeat, blood pressure, digestion, endorphin levels; chemicals that affect mood are in balance. The key component of the PARASYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM is its ability to create a healthy change in feelings and emotions that in turn create change in the physiological make up of the body.

In the Kemetic Yoga flow we divide the physical positions in three different categories such as postures, movements, and poses. And through these geometrically progressive movements in combinations with controlled breathing and meditative practices we are able to see each pose as a psycho-spiritual occurrence. Furthermore in closing to this amazing science and practice of the YogaSkills Method and Kemetic Yoga, we must always remember our lives are only reflections of poses in space in time. Our practice guides our energy in the pose. And by stimulating the PARASYMPATHEIC NERVOUS SYSTEM our lives will maintain a greater approach and journey towards inner peace and balance….HOTEP!!!!!